S4E advances the topic of decentralized energy supply with partner ARVIAL in Albania

S4E advances the topic of decentralized energy supply with partner ARVIAL https://www.arvial.energy.eu in Albania. In this regard, initial talks with the Minister for Tourism and Environmental Protection took place on site. The aim is to install projects for decentralized energy generation with various regenerative generation units as a hybrid power plant in a closed cycle. The beautiful landscape of Albania should be preserved and solutions should be installed that do not influence the culture and people.

First pilot projects will be installed with wind, sun and storage for a hotel complex.

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Increase in the price of electricity at electric car charging stations

E-mobility is dependent on the operators of charging stations. The latest price-developments demonstrate just how dependent drivers of electric cars are. Ionity expects a future price of 79C/kWh. https://emobly.com/de/news/neue-preise-ionity-berechnet-zukuenftig-79-cent-kwh/. This would be comparable to a situation where instead of costing just € 1.30 the price of diesel would go up to € 2.30. A diesel car costs half as much to run as an electric car at the moment. E-mobility cannot succeed while this is the case! If you’re after long-term stable electricity costs and want to start saving immediately; if you want independence from electricity price trends and to be able to charge your electric car as cheaply as possible, then you can rely on a small wind turbine from S4E. Get in touch with us today!

S4E turbine family as of now featured in the small-scale wind market report

There is large variance in the quality of small wind turbines. The small-scale wind market report (german ‘Kleinwind-Marktreport‘) includes only quality turbine technology and in this context both the 30K16 and the 30K20 turbine types of the S4E turbine family were included in the current edition.

Kleinwind Marktreport

The S4E-30kW wind turbine family takes off in 2020

There are over 10 projects involving our 30kW small wind turbines in the planning phase for 2020. We are currently working intensively on the project preparations and on securing the delivery quantities from our component suppliers, so that our customers’ projects are realized on time and that our customers can benefit from self-generated electricity.

S4e 30kw Windenergie Anlagenfamilie

Renewable energy can take many forms. S4E has started collaboration with Solarlite

Solutions for Energy has started collaboration with the Solarlite CSP Technology GmbH, a manufacturer of machinery for solar heating. The collaboration focuses on joint design and development tasks and the realization of mutual projects, in which we can combine the two renewable energy sources sun and wind.